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São Miguel

Trek and Coast


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Sao Miguel

Azores Trek and Coast
This programme can be tailored to your interests and can be based entirely on Sao Miguel - the largest of the islands in the Azores Archipelago. There is a variety of accommodation available on Sao Miguel. The Terra Nostra hotel (3-star) in Furnas is located in the grounds of Furnas Botanical Gardens - Parque Terra Nostra - which was founded in 1780 by an American called Thomas Hickling. The year round warm, moist climate makes this an ideal environment for magnificent ferns, azaleas, camellias and hydrangea and many other species to flourish. Another major attraction is the thermal swimming pool. All this is available to residents of the Terra Nostra hotel at all times of the day or evening (even after the gardens are closed).

Terra Nostra Hotel
Terra Nostra
Terra Nostra restaurant
Terra Nostra restaurant
Furnas Gardens and Church
Furnas Gardens and Church
Furnas Hot Pools
Furnas Hot Pools
Apart from exploring the Parque Terra Nostra and the small town of Furnas another pleasant half day walk is to the Caldeiras das Furnas and round the beautifully located Lagoa das Furnas. There are several hot springs located on the edge of this lake where locals dig holes to place pots of "Cozido", the local speciality, to cook.

Our programme here allow for just relaxing (or swimming) or walking where a taxi will take you to the beginning of your walk and pick you up at the end. Just a few minutes by taxi takes you to Praia from where the walk to Lagoa do Fogo (the lake of fire) starts. This is one of the most beautiful and dramatic lakes of the Azores and it lies in a caldera that was erupting as recently as 1563. This walk involves over 600m of ascents (over 2000ft) and it is quite a tough walk. The hills around the lake could be shrouded in mist. The second walk built into the programme involves a slightly longer drive (about 45 minutes) then a walk around the area of Sete Cidades - (named after the seven cities of Atlantis).

Diving programmes may be booked in advanced through us - the cost of the course is payable at the hotel.

For visiting Sete Cidades or whale or dolphin watching (which is available all the year round on Sao Miguel) a hotel in Ponta Delgada, such as the Hotel do Colegio (4-star) could be a slightly more convenient location. We recommend B&B accommodation throughout as going to a restaurant can be a pleasant evening out and some restaurants are excellent. It is possible to request either taxi drivers who know the routes you are taking (and we provide route notes) or we can provide a guide for a given walk.

Lagoa do Fogo
Lagoa do Fogo

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