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São Jorge

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São Jorge Trekking
The 60 kilometer long island of São Jorge provides some of the most beautiful walking on the Azores. The island comprises a long spine of volcanoes of different ages; it varies in width between 4 and 8 kilometers and is characterised by steep vegetated cliffs rising, sometimes almost 600 metres, steeply out of the surrounding ocean. Flat areas called faja are sometimes found at the base of these vegetated walls, here small villages or hamlets are often located that can only be reached by very steep, narrow trails.

The faja are almost unique to São Jorge and many of the most beautiful walks involve walking along the old paths that used to be the main access routes to the faja before the more modern roads were constructed. Some of the faja to this very day cannot be reached by a good road. The old paths are often quite steep and pass through spectacular cliff scenery, however most were designed to be passable to mules carrying loads.

Apart from these faja walks the main ridge itself provides a very fine high level walk - mainly about 900 - 1000 metres above sea level. The ridge offers excellent panoramas north to the islands of Graciosa and Terceira and south to Pico and Faial. Most of the walking is along well-drained dirt tracks with many variations possible.

On the lower slopes of the mountains there are extensive pastures as well as areas of forestry and a few parks that deserve a visit.

São Jorge has its own airport from which there are daily flights to Terceira and Sao Miguel. The ferry to Pico and Faial operates all year round but in the winter months only three times a week.

Our chief guide on São Jorge in the Azores is Antonio Pedroso who was born in Norte Grande on the Azorean island of São Jorge in 1968. His mother was an organist and she enthusiastically supported and nurtured Antonios interest in music. Subsequently he became an organist in Horta on the island of Faial. At the same time he pursued his other interest in painting and art. In 1988 he spent some time furthering his art studies in the Instituto Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy.

Subsequently he has published several books, a beautiful set of post cards based on his paintings, and is actively involved in teaching painting to the young people of Sao Jorge. His enthusiasm for the arts is equalled only by his love of nature. His knowledge of the flora and fauna of the islands is outstanding as is his knowledge of local history, legends and traditions.

A day out with Antonio will leave you with an insight into the wonders of Sao Jorge and an appreciation for the island that could not be gained from any book or from any casual visit.

As if this was not enough Antonio also has started his own travel business and runs a small guesthouse dedicated to visitors who are keen to share his love of the outdoors, for nature art and music.
Antonio Pedroso Painting Gallery

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coast path through ericas
Coast path through ericas
erica gate
Erica gate
Main Ridge
Stormy winter evening on the main ridge
Coast Path
Coast Path
Sampling the local brew
Sampling the local brew
View of Pico
View of Pico in winter

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