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Kilimanjaro Map and Guide (KI)

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ISBN 0-906227-66-6   Published by EWP 1998.    Size: 840x570, with cover.
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Maps:Concise Information on:
Main Map:
1:75,000 - 4 colour, Topographical, Kilimanjaro & Access Routes
Other Maps:
1:30,000 - 2 colour Topographical Map of Summit Area
1:20,000 - Topographical Map of Mawenzi
1:682,000 - Roads around Kilimanjaro
Information in German and French
GPS=3 Eastings and Northings at 10' intervals.
Geology and Glaciology
Flora and Fauna
Medical Aspects
Access and Walking Routes
Climbing Routes
Porters and Guides
Useful Contacts

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See also a section of William Cooper's 3D diagram. Sample: map of Kibo.


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