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Map Samples

The following are samples of covers, diagrams and maps in our range of map guides. Only a small selection of mapping is provided. Most maps are composed of a main map and at least one other map on a different scale. A variety of diagrams are included, two samples are provided.


Mount Kenya
Mount Elgon
Bucegi Mountains
Elbrus Region 1:50,000
Caucasus - Bezingi
Caucasus: Elbrus to Kazbek
Fann Mountains
Tien Shan


Kilimanjaro, 1:80,000, 4 contour map
Pamir, 1:200,000, 3 contour map
Tien Shan, 1:150,000, 3 colour ridge map
Mount Kenya, 1:50,000 & 1:25,000, 4 colour topo
Caucasus: Elbrus to Kazbek, 1:200,000, 4 contour map
Elbrus Region, 1:50,000, 4 colour topo
Fagaras, 1:75,000, 5 colour topo
Kamchatka, 1:100,000, full colour topo
Central Asia Series, 1:500,000, full colour topo


Flora and Fauna Diagram (Mt Kenya)
Fragment of Kilimanjaro Diagram

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