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New Destinations EWP policy is to add only locations to our programmes which have something special to offer, something that you maybe would not find elsewhere.

camp in dunesLibya stands out immediately as a very unique destination that has been almost closed to tourists following reactions against the support Libya offered terrorists for so many years. But things are changing rapidly here and the country is opening up in many ways. The deserts of Libya rank with the most extensive, wild and beautiful in the world; the population and officialdom are friendly and welcoming to visitors who will be rewarded by superb and unspoilt landscapes and a unique insight into the Arab world.acacus camel trekking

We offer several programmes, most involve little trekking or walking but are really aimed at travelling in the country to see the vast expanses of deserts with magical oasis and dunes. In the north Leptis Magna and Sabratha easily rival the world's best examples of Roman ruins and the medina of Tripoli rivals that of Marrakech. In the Acacus mountains of south-western Libya, magnificent trekking in a landscape of rugged mountains interspersed with sandy wadis and dunes can be combined with viewing the famous cave paintings. details

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Italy: Gran Paradiso
Since our first trip in 2004 we have led 5 trips to this superb area. The walking here is quite tough - 4 to 7 hours per day involving considerable uphill and downhill sections but generally this is on well made-up, gentle-angled, zig-zagging paths. All our feedback from these trips has been excellent, this area is a must for the serious mountain walker.

AvicOur routes pass through areas free from ski systems with the associated tourist developments and environmental damage. The Gran Paradiso is in fact one of the most strictly controlled and carefully preserved National Parks in the Alps. The route includes a variety of terrain with some high passes (up to 3000m), forested valleys, lakes and alpine pastures rich in wildlife. The area is particularly renowned for the King Ibex that has proliferated and survived here since king Vittorio Emanuele created a hunting reserve. At the same time he also established many excellent paths to allow access to the area and to some of his hunting lodges (Casa di Caccia). On several of the days you will see more ibex and chamois than other people during the trek.

Gran ParadisoGran Paradiso itself is accessible to strong mountain walkers with ski poles (or ice axe) and crampons and it is the easiest 4000m summit in the Alps (excluding the Breithorn which uses cable cars most of the way). A system of mountain lodges 'rifugios', manned by welcoming local people offer accommodation in either small rooms or occasionally in mixed dormitory; only a sleeping sheets are needed, blankets are provided. The lodges are all clean and have indoor toilets and wash rooms. Most provide hot showers. Several nights are spent in simple (* or **) hotels. We offer two trips: an 8 day trip that includes an ascent of Gran Paradiso and the Grand Traverse of this majestic massif. details

MoroccoThe High Atlas of Morocco has been a popular destination for years especially as it can be combined with the uniquely exotic Marrakech. We are keen to offer you our Moroccan trips because of the wonderful group of Berber guides and staff we have based in Marrakech. They will delight in introducing you to their cuisine and the Berber way of life.

We have added 3 trips to areas that are more off the beaten track, the Mgoun-Toubkal trip combines the ascent of the highest summit of North Africa (Jebel Toubkal, 4167m) with a trek in the much more remote Mount Mgoun area. The latter is a slightly lower summit and its ascent provides good acclimatisation for Toubkal. The Mgoun region offers wonderful opportunities to visit friendly, remote Berber communities. We also offer a desert camel trek and a superb Atlantic Ocean camel trek. details

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The Rwenzori
RwenzoriThe Rwenzori are an exceptional mountain range. The area has emerged from a period of instability and corrupt mismanagement into a period when it is possible to think about visiting the mountains again. Although it is now safe to visit, the infrastructure of huts and trails is still poor, the level of guiding is variable and mountain rescue structure minimal. Prices are high and funds are still being misappropriated by local monopolies.

We do however have some excellent contacts in the area who will do their utmost to provide you with the best possible services under prevailing conditions. details

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Georgia and Tuva
MoroccoThese areas were visited by our groups in the past but we stopped running trips to them for a variety of reasons. We are now happy to resume offering services here:

Georgia offers stunning trekking in some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Treks are combined with visits to some of the numerous cultural monuments that are found here, in one of the world's first Christian countries. details

The unique Russian republic of Tuva in the centre of the Asian continent is back on our programme list for 2006. details

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Other News
Azores - there are now weekly flights, every Tuesday, from London to Sao Miguel. details

Elbrus - we have maintained our high success rate on Elbrus and we are planning to continue running our trips here in 2006 without any major changes. details

Tanzania - we are opening a new lodge on the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater which will add considerably to the flexibility of running our Safari Programmes. More information on this will be available in February 2006. details

Latest Programmes - list of all scheduled programmes and departure dates and their prices.

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