Ngorongoro Crater

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Ngorongoro Crater Safaris

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Ngorongoro Crater Safaris
The steep walls of the Ngorongoro Crater hinder the easy movement of animals. This coupled with the year round availability of good grazing and water in the crater result in a constant, large, population of wild animals. This is a game viewers paradise and by far the best destination for a short safari extension to any Northern Tanzanian mountain holiday.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area extends well beyond the crater itself and includes features such as Olduvai Gorge. Its western areas border on the Serengeti and great herds of wild animals may be seen here (See migration map).

Strangely enough the Crater is sometimes visited by the Masaai with their cattle who are capable of co-existing and sharing the rich grazing with the wild animals. Young Masaai warriors - moran - escort their herds and protect them from lions and leopards which, in the olden days, they had to kill in order to prove their manhood. Ngorongoro History

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