Mara Serena Safari Lodge

Mara Serena Safari Lodge

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An interpretation of a traditional Masai Manyatta villge of domed huts, Masai Mara Serena Lodge is set on the saddle of a hill where it overlooks the 1800 sq km of rolling plain, woodlands, and rivers that make up the Masai Mara Triangle - one of the world,s richest wildlife sanctuaries. No other lodge has such a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape or the game and birdlife that inhabits it. It is this very terrain stretching endlessly before the lodge where the annual migration takes place, when millions of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle traverse the landscape to feed on the rich new grass and give birth to their young.

74 rooms. Pool. Breakfasts, cocktail parties, and dinners on the terrace overlooking a waterhole where big game come to feed. Hippo pool breakfasts. Masai dancers, wildlfe films, and talks given by resident naturalist. Game drives acrosss the pains and along the river in the Mara Triangle. Safaris by balloon or plane.


All photographs and map courtesy of Serena Lodges

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