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Kilimanjaro and safaris with Zara

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Times are shown in minutes and seconds.


Hoggar (Ahaggar) Mountains and Rock Climbing8.31YouTubeSmall
Tamanrasset and Tassili Hoggar9.49YouTubeSmall
Tassili n'Ajjer & Djanet Festival8.09YouTubeSmall
Desert Crossing and Tekertheba ascent9.37YouTube 



Rifugio Pontese - Gran Paradiso9:34YouTube 
Rifugio Pontese - John Temple Birthday Part7.44YouTube 
Gran Paradiso & Mont Avic Tour10.40YouTube 
Welbeck College Paradiso & Avic Tour3.14YouTube 



Mt Kenya - trek to Pt Lenana and Nelion ascent7:47YouTubeHD
Mount Kenya 1 - Chogoria Route to the moorlands7:26YouTubeSmall
Mount Kenya 2 - Chogoria Route from moorlands to Point Lenana7:35YouTubeSmall
Safari in Tsavo West with climbing and visit to Mzima Springs7:33YouTubeSmall
White Water Rafting - Tana River, Kenya 1 - briefing and camp.3:52YouTubeSmall
White Water Rafting - Tana River, Kenya 2 - action!6:04YouTubeSmall



Kilimanjaro - Umbwe Route (via Machame Gate to Umbwe Village then to Barranco)9.56YouTube 
Kilimanjaro - Machame Route (Barranco to Barafu)10.02YouTube 
Kilimanjaro - Machame Route (Barafu to summit and down)10.01YouTube 
Kilimanjaro - history and mountaineering information8:36YouTubeSmall
Kilimanjaro - discussing and describing ascent route choices8:07YouTubeSmall
Serengeti Safari6:34YouTubeSmall
Tanzania Biogas project in Karatu3:02YouTubeSmall
ZARA Serengeti Wild Camp2:46YouTubeSmall
Walking in the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands8:10YouTubeSmall
ZARA Highview Hotel Karatu8:00YouTubeSmall
ZARA Ikoma Wild Camp3:05YouTubeSmall
ZARA Springlands Hotel near Kilimanjaro7:46YouTubeSmall
Traditional Iraqw house and Street Childrens Home (Karatu)3:05YouTubeSmall



Rock & sports climbing, scrambling & deep water soloing9:53YouTube 
Mount Olympos area walks9.00YouTube 
Lycian Way and Blue Cruise9:56YouTubeSmall
Mt Olympos Spring & Autumn ascents5.39YouTube 
Deep Water Soloing - Adrasan9.01YouTube 
Blue Cruise Demre to Fethiye9.54YouTube 
Lycian Way exploration & Göynük Gorge3.20YouTube 
Mt Olympos - East Ridge Ascent4.50YouTube 
Contrasting Springtime treks in Lycia7.37YouTube 
Skiing Sarikamis - Kars7.13YouTubeHD
Beycik-Tekirova Trek4.42YouTubeHD



Rwenzori - Margherita by Kilembe Route5.30YouTubeHD
Rwenzori - Mt Baker by Central Circuit5.12YouTubeHD
Rwenzori - Weismann by Kilembe Route5.24YouTubeHD
Murchison Falls Safari4.47YouTubeHD


United Kingdom

Scottish Mountaineering - Torridon Area9:57YouTube 
Scotland, Skye: coastal climbs, scrambles and walks9:59YouTube 
Scottish Mountaineering - Glen Affric Area9:46YouTube 
Cluanie & Kintail Ridges - Glen Shiel, Scotland5:57YouTube 
Skye - Coast walk to Coruisk & an ascent of Blaven6:31YouTube 
Rock Climbing - Llyn Brianne (Hangover Buttress)9:02YouTube 
Rock Climbing - Llyn Brianne (Royal Flush)7.32YouTube 
Rock Climbing - Llyn Brianne (Blackendecker)9.50YouTube 
Llyn Briane - Dirty Vimto and Alcoholics Anonymous9.50YouTube 
Lundy Island6.08YouTube 
Scottish Winter Climbing - Ben Nevis9.49YouTube 
Scottish Winter Climbing - Creag Meagaidh7.53YouTube