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Returns and cancellations

Q: Can I cancel an order?
A: If an error is made when making an order it is possible to send an email within 1 hour to notify us of the mistake. It should be flagged urgent and sent to ewp@ewpnet.com.

Q: Can I return items within a specific time period?
A: As a rule we do not accept returns however you may send an email to us on the above address to present your case.

Q: Are there exceptions to your return policies?
A: If the wrong item was sent by us or the item did not fit the item description we will either send the correct item or offer a full refund for the item.

Q: Who covers the postage in the event of a return?
A: We will refund any postage costs in full for returns we have agreed upon.

Shipping Information

Q: When and how will my item be sent?
A: Items are sent within 2 working days of the order being placed. In the UK they are sent by 1st Class Mail, other orders are sent by Airmail. We provide no insurance unless specifically requested - please make this request clear on your initial request. An extra charge will be incurred which we will notify you of for your approval by email.

Q: What are your postage rates?
A: Postage as described above is included in the item price - NB prices vary depending on where the item is to be sent - please select your correct area from: UK, Europe or Worldwide.

Q: How do you handle out of stock items?
A: You will not be charged for the item and an email will be sent to you that the item is not available.

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