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Lake Manyara from the Escarpment


Lake Manyara Safaris

The Lake Manyara National Park stretches southwards alongside the north-western shores of the slightly saline waters of Lake Manyara. The rocky slopes of the Manyara Escarpment form a dramatic backdrop to the west, numerous springs bubble up at the foot of the escarpment, their fresh waters support the lush forests and grassy game filled meadows in the northern half of the park. In the more remote, southern half, of the park the forests thin scenery becomes more open.

The park is noted for its birdlife with almost 400 different species recorded. It also has a high elephant population and is famous for its "tree climbing lions". The forest contains a large variety of tree species creating a luxuriant, "jungle" atmosphere in the northern areas of the park. There are camping facilities inside and just out of the park "Twiga Camp"lodge and camping facilities available

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