Summit of Point Margherita - Ruwenzori

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Summit of Point Margherita
EWP Ruwenzori Treks and Ascents

Rwenzori (Ruwenzori) - Point Alexandra
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Point Margherita summit

Point Margherita, the highest summit in the Ruwenzori, lies on the border of Congo and Uganda in the heart of Africa. The range is famous for its persistant mists, in fact much of the ice in the Ruwenzori is rime ice and owes its existance to water subliming onto the mountains. At one time the summits were capped with thick rime - remnants of this can be seen on this picture. To get good views from Margherita aim to be on the summit no later than 7am. Even then it could be misty!!

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ALW 16/5/13