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EWP Newsletter - March 1999

Makarere University, Rwenzori Symposium, Afghan War
Afghanistan | EWP in Tadjikistan | Unrest in the Rwenzori | Rwenzori Conference 1996 | EWP trip update

Afghanistan - Peace??
In Ashkhabad, capital of Turkmenistan, talks have been taking place between the warring factions in Afghanistan. Representatives of the moderate General Masoud who controls the northern regions of the country and is supported by most of the CIS republics are meeting those of the Taliban Islamic militia. Most observers are sceptical that any long-lasting peace will result but talking is a step in the right direction. Turkmenistan, the oil rich Central Asian Republic lying just east of the Caspian Sea, has much to gain from peace in Afghanistan as this would enable progress with an oil and gas pipeline to Pakistan. Another country that would benefit would be Tadjikistan; formerly this republic was also in the Soviet Union and has, since the breakdown of the Union been resisting, mainly successfully, the destabilising influence of its southern neighbour - Afghanistan.

EWP in Tadjikistan
The mountains of Tadjikistan are some of the most beautiful in the world. We have for many years been operating very successful trips to the Fann Mountains located just east of Samarkand. The dry climate, crystal clear lakes and rivers set amongst giant juniper forests and magnificent glaciated summits offer some of the world's best trekking areas. We approach the area from the west (from Uzbekistan) rather than from the less stable areas of southern Tadjikistan where Dushanbe the capital is located. Apart from out normal Fann trips we have two specially organised for The Geographical Magazine (official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society). See

Other trips in Tadjikistan include our Virgin Summit trips to the Muzkol Pamir. This is in a very well patrolled and controlled area which has been almost completely unaffected by events in Afghanistan. See

Rwenzori Unrest
The situation on the western and south western borders of Uganda is sadly still unstable despite all efforts being made by Musseveni to re-establish control over the wild mountainous and forested border areas. For the time being our trips to the Rwenzori have been suspended but as soon as the situation improves we will notify all those who have contacted us about the Rwenzori in the past.

Publication of Rwenzori Conference Proceedings
In 1996 the Rwenzori Conference was held in Kampala, at the time tourism was flourishing in Uganda. The conference was organised by the Geography Department of Makarere University and contributors presented papers on all aspects of the mountain area. Proceeding of the conference have now been published and are available through us. Published by Department of Geography, Makarere University 1998. 385 Pages, A5, hardback. Contents include illustrations, maps and diagrams, history of exploration & mountaineering, environment & biology, development, conservation & management and community relations. See

EWP Trip Update

Millennium Trips
Millennium trips include Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro - we will bivouac on the summit so as to be on the very top at midnight! (see
A much colder summit attempt will be Elbrus on the 31st December or the 1st!

Prices cut for trips in East Africa
Recent reorganisation has allowed us to dramatically reduce all our prices in Kenya and at the same time improve our service. We can now offer fully porter supported trips with a mess tent, cook, porters all the year round. eg a group of 4 for 8 days would cost USD 599 ex Nairobi Airport this to include two hotel nights in Nairobi, (see Our popular, 16 day, Mount Kenya - Kilimanjaro scheduled trip is now available at USD 1388 all inclusive airport to airport, (see

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