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Phrygian Valleys

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Phrygian Valleys
7 days Grade A/B
Fully Vehicle Supported

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Originating in Macedonia the Phrygians migrated to Turkey and settled in the fertile valleys and highlands to the south east of Ankara some 3000 years ago. In ancient times this area was subjected to many eruptions of a great volcano (Türkmen Mountain). The layers of volcanic ash and tuffas were then carved by wind and water erosion into a landscape of cliffs, fairy towers, often resembling Cappadocia, and caves offering shelter to men and animals. The Phrygian civilization was at its prime around 700BC under the reign of King Midas (of the golden touch and asses ears). Many monuments remain as a legacy to their advanced society. The rock was soft and easily carved and many strongholds were created amongst the hill top crags.

Subsequent civilizations came and went adding to the strongholds, in particular in the Roman and Byzantian period during which several churches were carved out of the rock towers and cliff faces.

Our tour will include 4 to 6 hours walking every day and will take in many of the main historic sites such as Midas City with its numerous cisterns and largest of all Phrygian monuments the 17m tall Yazılıkaya (Turkish for inscribed rock). The walking is generally fairly straighforward following sections of the over 500 kilometre long "Phrygian Way", one of the world's major long distance walks. Accommodation will be in comfortable and uniquely styled boutique hotels on a half-board basis with picnic or village-house based lunches. The last night will be in a thermal water hotel near Afyon.


Day 1 to 3. Transfer from Kutahya (Airport or Bus Station) to Sabuncupinar. Here we spend 3 nights. We have 2 days of varied and interesting walks along the northern parts of the Phrygian Way with picnic lunches. There are Phrygian, Roman and Byzantian monuments to see, some beautiful villages and some of the best examples of ancient Phrygian roads.

Day 4 to 6. We drive to heart of the Phrygian Empire; along the way walking another section of the Phrygian Way. We will stay near Midas City (Yazılıkaya) for 3 nights with time to see the main monuments of the area including the Lion Tomb of Kümbet, Midas City, Gerddekaya, Aslankaya and several ancient castles.

Day 7 We drive to Ayazini Castle in the southern section of the Phrygian Way and walk down to Ayazini for lunch in the village before continuing to view several other famous monuments including Aslan Taş and Yılan Taş (Lion and Snake rock). Overnight Afyon in a thermal hotel.

Day 8 Free time before transferring to the aiport or bus station for your onward journey.

The programme is available as a private trip all the year round, contact us for more details: ewp@ewpnet.comOr join one of our scheduled trip departure dates.

Weather and Climate
The Phrygian Valleys have a continental climate with cold winters and hot dry summers although at an altitude generally above 1000m temperatures even in summer rarely prevent walking. We suggest spring (late April to May) or early September to mid October as optimal periods. In winter the higher routes would have too much snow.


  • All museum entry fees
  • group transfers as per the itinerary
  • guide
  • accommodation is in en-suite twin-bedded rooms
  • all breakfasts and lunches
  • evening meals in the guest houses or hotels.

  • extra drinks
  • tips

	Village Lunch
Village Lunch
Ancient Roads
Ancient Roads
Fire Place
Phrygian Fireplace
Fairy Towers
Fairy Towers
Byzantine Church
Byzantine Church
Phrygian Way Guide
Phrygian Way Guidebook
Yazilikaya Monument

aslan tas
Yilan Tas

Women Sheltering

hotel meal
Hotel Meal

walk near Findik
Walking near Findik

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