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Blue Cruise


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The Blue Cruise

More than sixty years ago a Turkish writer wrote a description of his sailing trip on the Mediterranean Sea in gulet. His account of the journey was given the name his Blue Cruise. It described the idyllic blue sea, the relaxed lifestyle, the wild beaches and coves and the ancient monuments and ruins to be seen.

Now many have been inspired by the concept. The sea areas best suited for trip are south of Marmaris and to the north Antalya, here many coves and islands with crystal clear turquois waters offer shelter from any winds coming off the Mediterranean.

A variety of blue cruises to suite all tastes may be arranged and a variety of boats have been constructed. Many offer day trips around the main island areas. Others are based on small boats but the majority on Gulets - yachts equipped wih sails and engines that can acommodate about 10 to 12 people other than the crew in 6 double bedded cabins with en-suite facilities. Generally people tend to sleep on mattresses on the deck under the stars or under a sun canopy.

All meals are provided on board and there is a bar where drinks can be bought. The crew generally includes a cook, deck hand and captain.

Many areas are suitable for diving with many wrecks and coral reefs to explore. Boats must be specially fitted out for diving. A variety of courses such as the PADI courses could be incoorporated into a blue cruise but would be better organised separately.

The cruise can be easily combined with a section of the Lycian Way.

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Yacht Treks

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Yacht Trekking
Yacht Trekking

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